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  • 2022.04.18

    Taiwan TUV Rheinland- The Best Audit Partner of PRIMUS

    Primus Main Products & Technology
    Primus Chemical Co., Ltd. is providing various Textile Screen Printing Inks(Printing Paste) and its full application technical consultancy to all valued customers. Over last 30 years of textile industrial experience and market development, Primus is committed to the researching of textile screen printing chemicals. The core of R&D team is talented with years of professional chemical experiences of screen printing in terms of the well knowledge of raw materials. Moreover, Primus ensures to bring their professional experiences into play on every detail, dedicates to improve and produce the sustainable screen-printing chemicals for high functional textile fabrics to meet with the market demand of Brand companies for their buyers. Regardless of water-based rubber, specialty of screen-printing materials or special applicability materials requested by brand buyers, Primus offers reliable and professional solutions with the best Screen Printing Chemicals. Last but not least, Primus strictly controls and examines each materials to establish all-round production output by means of Quality Control and PSS(pre-shipment sample) record in order to secure customer’s rights on every of their orders.
    Determination of Executing ZHDC & Opportunity
    Nowadays, the global textile industry has received increasing awareness of zero discharge and trying to be labelled with Green symbols. More important, many international buyers are valuing on EHS and the safety of working environment, not only the hazardous substances of chemicals but also the health caring and safety of labors. In view of these, the value of partnership with brands is no longer on the whole evaluation of researching and manufacturing or the capability of supplying efficiency. Primus is keen on attaching to the importance on the environmental protection, the zero discharging of pollution, recycling production and the sustainable management policy to be in line with green eco-friendly supply chain. It’s the key to open the door of evaluation whether suppliers will become their partners to make points for global textile industry. Thus, Primus decides actively to execute the implementation of “ZDHC LEVEL 3” in order to create more value-added support and segment the market differentiation.
    How & Why- PRIMUS to evaluate, execute and decide to proceed the ZDHC LEVEL3?
    Before the practical execution of ZDHC, Primus only establishes a system of internal management on self-checking, production management, labor caring, and the safety of working environment policy in accordance with government EHS policy. However, those are basically based on their standard operating production process but lacking the further inspection of third-party reviewing. Assisted by Taiwan TUV Rheinland, Primus acknowledges the feasibility to cope up with many potential matters on the detail of audit process with legal & fundamental requirements comprehensively. It’s never been easy to correct the long existing internal systems but we take the challenges to rebuild a well-rounded systematic management. From the training of new employee, production orientation, and every improvement of SOP, Primus requires to review and improve unconformity points of ZDHC Standards and map out new EHS policy management to accelerate operation process on the basis of ZDHC LEVEL 3.

    Thanks to full service of Taiwan TUV Rheinland from Level 1 to Level 3, it’s a big support to gain from TUV for any enterprise willing to go. Plus, the designated local auditors are years of profession on full management auditing. “During the on-site auditing, whatever the challenges in front of us can trigger our mobility and energy by correcting and redirecting our own systems. We think positively and optimistically to any tasks. “TUV Rheinland is a professional team, it helps us to work more efficiently and properly. We will keep improving and upgrading our sustainability of management target to create a greener world”, Primus CEO Mr. SAM CHUNG said.
    How to Prepare? What challenges we are facing? How we solve? The execution of the ZDHC MRSL
    Primus has been investing many necessary tests to be following various required regulations for either raw materials or finished products. However, materials in MRSL V2.0 are more than those basic requirements to certify suppliers to their Zero Discharge System. Despite the Hazardous substances testing on Level 1 or On-site auditing on Level 3, it requires a professional and cautious examination process from level to level. For example, the regulations of workers safety, Indoor & Outdoor air quality control(Air Pollution), the monitoring of working environment, waste water discharge, noise monitoring, carbon footprint, document management. Even though it will have unpredictable & different situations with past experiences during the on-site audit, Primus is full conformity of all necessary requirements of ZDHC MRSL.
    What value bringing to Primus that Certified with ZDHC LEVEL 3?
    Even though the ZDHC MRSL requires more than the other regulations forcing up corporation to re-managing the internal management policies that never been requested in the past. But it does help company level up the management thinking and business orientation. On the other hand, it benefits the value of corporation and own brand marketing. Primus proves its business value to customers by trustworthy ZDHC certification and enlarges its brand value to textile printing ink industry. Moreover, Primus wants to help customers’ business grow up and to obtain their brand identity. Meanwhile, it will become a valuable ticket to enter the market for potential business partners by ZDHC Gateway to find out the Global ZDHC Level 3 suppliers. Any registered company could find them on the platform of ZDHC Gateway and liaise with Primus.

    Primus is eventually certified by ZDHC Level 3, “We can together win the battle with valued customers/partners and yet it’s still a long journey to conquer the future challenges. But Primus is proud to see the big change we are in this year. There are many to improve and learn still. Even we know the path of learning by doing so is not easy. ZDHC Level 3 is a great milestone of PRIMUS, we are again proud to be part of ZDHC and green industry in the world.“ said by Primus CEO Mr. SAM CHUNG.
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