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Printing Binder NU Series

Binder NU is a self-linked acrylic emulsion, none APEO content and low formaldehyde to be used in ‘ Textile Pigment Printing Process’ which has excellent soft hand feel with very good crocking fastness. It has good compatibility with all pigment colors and high color yield in multi-color print.
  • For both hand and machinery print
  • Very soft hand feel
  • PVC, phthalate, APEO, Azo, Formaldehyde and Lead Free formulations. Meets all key international environmental standards.
  • No side effect on binder itself, after mixing.
  • No harmful or distracting odors in the work place.
  • Light Colors : 10-15% Binder NU to be required
    Dark Colors : 15-25% Binder NU to be required
  • Curing: 130~150℃ x 3-5 minutes
  • To meet superior wash, adding Additive Xlinker JF 4% by weight is necessary.
  • Keep in the sealed container from any pollution, the shelf life under normal condition is max. 6 months.
  • Containers must maintain air-tight seal while not in use.
  • Avoid direct skin, eyes contact and wash with detergent when job is done.
  • Any application not referred in this Product Information should be Pre-tested or consulted with Primus Technical Service Prior to Print.

Printing Parameters:
Appearance White Liquid Form
Solid content 30 or 35 ± 1 % (120℃/2grams/2 hours)
pH Value 7.0 ~ 8.0 %/25℃
Ionicity A/N
Viscosity 200CPS (LV#2/30rpm/25℃)
Package 125 kg net plastic drum
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