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Aqua EV Clear & White

It is a water base ink developed to produce a very unique characteristic and break-through technology on automatic printing machine. Slow drying property gives adequate time range to run continuously without screen clogged from the hot plate.
  • Excellent coverage and stretching.
  • All round fastness durability.
  • PVC, phthalate, APEO, Azo and Lead Free formulations.Meets all key international environmental standards.
  • Suitable on manual and automatic machine.
  • No harmful or distracting odors in the work place.
  • Use 100-120 t/in mesh (40-47 t/cm).
  • Ready for use, No any other additive is required. Well stirred the paste before using.
  • Avoid wet on wet printing application.
  • To create certain coverage on dark ground, increase times of coating is required.
  • For fine mesh design, Additive Retarder is required to be added by 2-3% to prolong its drying time.
  • Keep the screen in the flooded position while print stops. Or, go for screen wash during a temporary stop.
  • Containers must maintain air-tight seal while not in use.
  • During Production, heat application can be applied to speed up the process. Failure to cure ink at recommended time and temperature may result in poor wash fastness.
  • To meet superior wash, adding Additive Crosslinker Low Cure 1-3% by weight is necessary.
  • Screen must be prepared with water-resist emulsion to prevent stencil breakdown.
  • Any application not referred in this Product Information should be Pre-tested or consulted with Primus Technical Service Prior to Print.

Printing Parameters:

100% Cotton/Poly Cotton/Blended Flash: 160℃ x 10-15 seconds
Cure: 160℃ x 3 minutes
Durometer: 60-70 
Edge: Rounded or Sharp
Additive Xlinker Low Cure 3-5%
by weight.
Additive Thickener NFR 1% Max.
by weight.
Use within one year of receipt. Avoid exposing under direct sunlight. Keep drums sealed tight at all times

Tap water 
Available upon request (MSDS)
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