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Add. Softener S-18

It is a kind of distracted derivative. It is developed for water based polymer products for better soft hand feel, especially for the textile printing industry. The product can be used directly and does not contain any harmful substance to ecological system.
  • Stable at high temperature condition, no separation for itself.
  • Ecological property to environmental and odorless for working place.
  • Increase softness hand feel.
  • Excellent run-ability.
  • Effective over a wide pH range.
  • Generally its recommended dosage is around 1-3% by weight of printing paste, but it also depends on customer’s requirement by different application.
  • Any application not referred in this Product Information should be Pre-tested or consulted with Primus Technical Service Prior to Print.

Apperance(30℃) Brownish liquid
Solid content NIL
pH Value 6±1
Ionicity Soluble with water
Viscosity 1,000 – 3,000 (RVT #6, 5rpm)
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