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Add. Xlinker TS-750

It is a catalyst or so called fixing agent for all types of water base inks or pigment printing solution. Based on its unique performance, it works particularly for long pot life printing process while mixing with print ink solution, without hardening pastes. Additionally, pot life after mixing can prolong to 12 hours without getting gel effect in mixed paste.

Another excellent advantage of TS-750 is that it gives anti-staining performance to foil or flocks while on the heat transfer process.
  • Ready for use, maximum dosage is 2-4% by weight of print paste.
  • The printing paste contained with Xlinker TS-750 should be consumed within ONE DAY.
  • To achieve excellent crocking and washing durability, we recommend that printed swatch shall be cured by curing facility. Heating temperature can be subjected to different kinds of substrates.
  • To get anti-staining effect, the prints must be cured properly and thoroughly @ 160C x 2 minutes. Keep the prints over night is the best to achieve perfect result.
  • Xlinker TS-750 does not contain Formaldehyde, APEO and Azo.
  • Containers must maintain air-tight seal while not in use.
  • Any application not referred in this Product Information should be pre-tested or consulted with Primus Technical Service prior to print.

Apperance Light Yellowish Liquid
Solid content Urethane Resin
pH Value 9
Ionicity Anionic
Viscosity 250 cps
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