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Primusinks Certified By ZDHC MRSL Version 2.0

We are pleased to announce that Primus has registered 24 products in MRSL Level 1 MRSL Version 2.0 conformance. Primus Chemical is a leading textile inks manufacturer to advance toward zero discharge of hazardous chemicals and ensure the environmental friendly while using our products in garment hourses or printing mills.

Providing sustainable garment printing inks, Primus is engraving our ecological spirit onto our quality assured products to enable all our valued customers to use safely and hassle free application. 

A sustanable sourcing Approval Supplier, Primus inks ensure the best quality inks to meet up all critical environmental regulation. Roadmaping to Zero Discharge By ZDHC & Lighting your Business with Primus! Now!


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Water Base
Primusinks Aqua EV Paste Primusinks Essential Paste Primusinks Metallic BTS-C
Primusinks Aquasoft Paste Primusinks Foil G-Pro Primusinsk Block Out Series
Primusinks Athletic Paste Primusinks Foil S-Pro Primusinks Bond GT-Glue
Primusinks Premium NPF-Paste Primusinks Discharge Paste Primusinks  HP Foil Adhesive
Primusinks Econo Paste Primusinks HD Paste Primusinks  Add. Xlinker JF
Primusinks Table Glue 54

Primusinks BP-50
Prrimusinks CPU Ink
Primusinks WPU-64 Series

Binder Series
Primusinks Printing Binder N45
Primusinks Printing Binder NH40
Primusinks Printing Binder NR40
Primusinks Printing Binder NS30

PLASTeco NP Series
Primus-PLASTeco NP Series 
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