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Add. 700 Reducer

It is a “phthalates free” diluent “curable base” to be mixed along with PLAST PF series for the purpose of reducing viscosity or thickness on ready to use PF paste. As it is curable type Reducer, it contains a balance of plasticizer and resin, an ingredient to make up plastisol compound, that enable reducer to cure on its own. That means Reducer won’t be limited for any amount of percentage added in the formulation. Moreover, it helps when you feel the need to make an ink creamier or easier to print..
  • Curable type diluent.
  • No amount limitation.
  • Soft finish print.
  • Compatible to PLAST PF Series.
  • No harmful or distracting odors in the work place.
  • Mixing recipe for ground print.
    PF Standard ColorsPLAST PF Standard Colors   100%
    PLAST 700PF Reducer                                         10-50 or more
  • PF inks is ready to use just by stirring it up for a few minutes, but 700PF Add. Reducer can help faster.
  • Viscosity can be reduced by adding Plastisol 700PF Reducer to meet intended viscosity.
  • Final curing 160-170℃ (320-338℉) x 90 – 120 seconds.
  • Any screen emulsion compatible with Plastisol inks.
  • Failure to cure ink properly can result in poor wash fastness, inferior adhesion, and unacceptable durability.
  • Do not dry clean, bleach or iron printed area.
  • Containers must maintain seal while not in use.
  • Any application not referred in this Product Information should be pre-tested or consulted with Primus Technical Service prior to print.

Printing Parameters:

Elastane Cotton/Poly Cotton/Blended 160-170℃(320-338℉) × 90-120 seconds
Durometer:60-75 Edge: Sharp.
Edge: Rounded or Sharp
100-305t/in mesh (39-120 t/cm)
Additive 700PF Reducer 18-32℃(65-90℉)
Use within one year of receipt. Avoid exposing under direct sunlight. Keep drums sealed tight at all times.
Any Plastisol screen wash Available upon request (MSDS)
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