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Full Color Range

This product series is a solvent base ink developed to create high adhesion on EVA beach sandal without crocking or peeling off. A ready product to use, having glossy effect, non tackiness, and soft hand feel. It is for manual print.The color range cover " standard colors ", " fluorescent colors ", " special colors ", " process colors ".
  • Good all round fastness and soft hand feeling finish.
  • PVC, Phthalates, APEO, AZO, Formaldehyde and Lead Free formulations. Meets all key international environmental standards.
  • Suitable substrates: EVA beach sandal, or material composed by EVA.​
  • Standard Mixing Recipe
  • RP Inks 100%
    Add. Diluent A-16 10-20%
  • Step 1: Clean EVA surface by using Pretreatment Primer NO.18. Using cloth dipped with Primer NO.18 and clean sandal surface.
    Step 2: Direct print RP inks onto it color by color, air dry in between.
  • Avoid wet on wet printing application. Keep printed fabric for 24 hours natural fixation.
  • Keep printed substrate for 24 hours natural fixation or go through conveyor for faster production. 
  • Keep the screen in the flooded position while print stops. Or, go for screen wash during a temporary stop.
  • Containers must maintain air-tight seal while not in use. Before using, kindly check carefully whether ink is in good condition.
  • Any application not referred in this Product Information should be Pre-tested or consulted with Primus Technical Service Prior to Print.

Printing Parameters:

See Specialty Self-Cured:  Avg. 30℃(86℉) x 24 hours
Cure: Not over 60℃(140℉)
Durometer: 60-75 
Edge: Rounded or Sharp
120-150t/in (47-61 t/cm)
Add. Diluent A-16 10-20% by weight.
Add. Primer NO.18
(substrate pretreatment)
Use within one year of receipt. Avoid exposing under direct sunlight. Keep drums sealed tight at all times.
Additive Screen Cleaner P3 Available upon request (MSDS)
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